Ai-Boiled Drawing

The Founder and Chairman of This is Dizign Inc, Dizen Lam was invited by Ai-Boiled (愛煮麻辣燙/爱煮麻辣烫), Chinese Malatang Spicy Broth Cuisine, (A Story of the Spicy Panda) to sketch free-hand a building-scale Chinese Opera & Old Town mural art on two of the walls in their headquarter at 4771 Mcclelland Rd #1440, Richmond, BC V6X 0M5.

Without the need to pencil a single grid line, practice or preparation, Dizen took 3 consecutive nights after work to finish this very own masterpiece for Ai-Boiled Restaurant. Dizen was very happy about his drawing as well and is eager to continue to draw for future clients when needed as he believes this is a brilliant way to help the business as he can draw anything related to the business theme and make it a social media photo spot for customers and share to their friends for the owner’s long term promotional benefit. The owner of this restaurant says that it has done its purpose for the mural and is glad he has decided to invite Dizen Lam to participate in this eye-catching mural art drawing.