Laneway House

A laneway house (LWH) is a small house at the rear of a lot near the lane. It is intended for a single household, and may or may not include an attached garage; A laneway house is a form of detached secondary suites in Canada built into pre- existing lots, usually in the backyard and […]

Ai-Boiled Drawing

The Founder and Chairman of This is Dizign Inc, Dizen Lam was invited by Ai-Boiled (愛煮麻辣燙/爱煮麻辣烫), Chinese Malatang Spicy Broth Cuisine, (A Story of the Spicy Panda) to sketch free-hand a building-scale Chinese Opera & Old Town mural art on two of the walls in their headquarter at 4771 Mcclelland Rd #1440, Richmond, BC V6X […]