Kelly Ng

Interior Designer

With a background in graphic design and digital marketing, Kelly is eager to begin her journey as Interior Designer and further deepen her industry knowledge. Kelly enjoys every step of the design process and especially thrives in concept development. Kelly spent most of her time during her youth painting and sculpting. It was precisely this practice that later helped her realize her passion for art and design. After studying, Kelly worked in the retail industry and freelancing jobs, where she developed a strong work ethic and customer service skills. Her range of work includes rebranding, video editing, advertisement, and exhibition design.

When Kelly is not working, she would be found in her room doodling on her iPad while blasting on some music, or in the kitchen creating new recipes from the ingredients left in the fridge.

Kelly holds an important position in the company who assists our team in creating conceptual design, material sourcing and communications between parties. She also assists the company in marketing and is passionate of her work!

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