Kevin Wong

Co-Partner & Senior Interior Designer

Kevin is the Co-Partner and Senior Interior Designer of the company and works independently with Founder Dizen Lam for many important projects over the years. He is one of the principals in the group to create dedicated design direction for every different project.

Kevin has a Higher Diploma Degree in Architectural Interior Design, with 10+ years of solid experience developing and implementing architectural interior design across Hong Kong and PRC China. Kevin not only does exceptional concept design that emphasizes its purpose of use for each corner but also does professional technical drawings and manages the entire project assigned. His works include hotels, shopping malls, commercial offices, private residences, and government community centres. Kevin’s projects have been on several International Medias around the world. His strong passion for architectural interior design is from the most fundamental yet vital sense of accomplishment of transforming the space, material specifications, lighting control in the design process and presenting it aesthetically and being recognized.

Aside from work, Kevin enjoys playing tennis with friends, the nature, travelling and camping with his kids and family.

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