Nick Chan

Senior Rendering Designer

“I am passionate with anything design! I can sit here all day making explosive creations and not get sick of it at all!”

I’m very quiet when I’m working; I immerse myself into every space of the project.

I’m Nick. I’m a perfectionist with a strong aesthetical and logical sense. I was born in Hong Kong and completed Commercial Design Diploma in Design First Hong Kong. I am quick using Autocad, Photoshop and Sketchup. I have been working with Mr Dizen Lam ever since my first job as a draftsman when he was the Design Director of the company 15 years ago. We have easily created over 50 recognized projects together; we read each other’s mind. Working with him and the Dizign team is painless because I am the mini copy of the company’s creation. I respect Mr Dizen Lam very much of his personality and traits! He’s my mentor.

During my own times, I love to bike around the world and explore every interesting discoveries and changes with my favorite music plugged in.

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