Toronto – Meeting with investors, sites, real estate agents and beautiful attractions

During late August, Dizign Team took a 7-day trip to attend an invitation to a Two-Day Investor meeting in Toronto to share our design and profitability plan for a residential developer. We also had the chance to visit the on-site constructions. It was a smooth meeting and investors asked many interesting questions on how we are able to minimize the cost of materials with our design and to maximize the use of each square foot. Many constructions nowadays have limited space to work with and thanks to the international experiences each of our team members have developed over the years in Asia, we are able to create designs functionality at small and tiny spaces without compromising the appearance and comfortability.

Besides this important meeting, we took the opportunity to bring the team around to visit some of the important real estate agents and designers locally and share our experiences between the West and East coast of Canada, and how our Toronto Project Management team, known as the design and build team, can collaborate with local designers and contractors.

We also had an amazing time visiting some of the most artistic architectures and the best scenery of Toronoto, including ROM Royal Ontario Museum and Casa Loma, and took a look at helicopter view as enjoying a fine lunch at Skylon, the 360 degrees rotating restaurant.